Hand dryer custom covers are available to carry your brand image into your washroom.

Our exclusive digital imaging technology allows you to design your own smart cover, with logo and colours seamlessly integrated, rather than a sticker or other surface branding which could easily be marred or removed.

What’s more, attaching your logo to a product with proven energy saving and paper waste elimination underlines your commitment to sustainability.


XLERATOReco custom covers are available in custom colours and metallic finishes to special order including gold, copper and bronze. They are also available in traditional white, brushed stainless steel, vandal-resistant bulk moulded compound, fingerprint-resistant textured graphite, and chrome plated.

You can supply your own digital artwork or develop the cover graphics with the help of our design team.

Designed to satisfy demand for the highest air quality, XLERATOReco hand dryers are available with highly efficient HEPA air filter options.

HEPA filtration removes a remarkable 99.97% of all particles greater than 0.3 micrometres from the air that passes through. This ensures a very high level of protection against airborne bacterial and viral infection.

Beware of sub-par filters that may not have been tested in independent laboratories and which may fall significantly short of HEPA filtration standards.

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