One of the most important factors in choosing a hand drying method is cost.

To assist in your decision we have put together a cost comparison so you can see how the twin benefits of using less energy and taking less time combine to provide a real financial advantage.

Paper Towels Conventional Dryer Blade Style Dryer XLERATOReco Dryer
Paper Towels Conventional Hand Dryer Trough Dryer XLERATOReco Dryer
1 Case (4050 towels)
Assume 2 towels per use
Rating (KW) = 2.3
1 Kw/hour electricity = £0.078
Rating (KW) = 1.6
1 Kw/hour electricity = £0.078
Rating (KW) = 0.5
1 Kw/hour electricity = £0.078
Drying time = 45 seconds Drying time = 10 seconds Drying time = 10 seconds
Cost per 1000 uses = £31.94 Cost per 1000 uses = £2.24 Cost per 1000 uses = £0.35 Cost per 1000 uses = £0.11
Uses for 1p = 4.46 Uses for 1p = 28.85 Uses for 1p = 92.31

Saving over paper 99.66%
Saving over conventional dryer 95.17%
Saving over blade style dryer 68.75%

In this comparison we have assumed that when using paper towels to dry hands, people will use 2 towels. In practice, we know that is a very conservative estimate as research shows that a number of people will take more than 2 sometimes up to 5 or 6 so you could in effect double or even triple the figures quoted here.

We have used the longest quoted dry times for both the conventional dryer – 45 seconds and the XLERATOReco – 10 Seconds.

You will note that the conventional dryer whilst being a great deal cheaper than the paper towels takes 45 seconds to dry hands. It is a well known fact that most people will not wait that long and subsequently leave washrooms dissatisfied and with still wet hands.

It is worth considering that some hand dryers take even longer than 45 seconds to dry hands, in these instances, the cost savings that the XLERATOReco offers would be greater still.

The XLERATOReco offers even greater cost savings over paper than the conventional dryer whilst drying hands in no more time than it takes with paper towels.

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